More Information on this show:

Venue: Sony Recording Studios, New York, NY, USA (Unplugged show)
Date: 09 August 1995
Exact Length: 149 minutes
Quality: EX

Tour: USA/Canada Convention Tour
Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, Eric SInger, with guest appearances by Ace Frehley and Peter Criss

Set List:

  1. Comin' Home
  2. Plaster Caster
  3. Goin' Blind
  4. Do You Love Me?
  5. Domino
  6. Domino
  7. Domino
  8. Got To Choose
  9. Sure Know Something
  10. A World WIthout Heroes
  11. A World WIthout Heroes
  12. Hard Luck Woman
  13. Rock Bottom
  14. See You Tonite
  15. See You Tonite
  16. See You Tonite
  17. See You Tonite
  18. I Still Love You
  19. Comin' Home
  20. Comin' Home
  21. Plaster Caster
  22. Do You Love Me?
  23. Every Time I Look At You
  24. Every Time I Look At You
  25. Every Time I Look At You
  26. Heaven's On Fire
  27. Spit
  28. C'mon And Love Me
  29. God Of Thunder
  30. 2,000 Man
  31. 2,000 Man
  32. 2,000 Man
  33. Beth
  34. Beth
  35. Beth
  36. Beth
  37. Nothing To Lose
  38. Rock And Roll All Night
  39. Rock And Roll All Night
  40. Louie Louie
  41. Rock And Roll All Night
  42. Rock And Roll All Night
  43. Rock And Roll All Night
  44. Rock And Roll All Night

Note: This was the filming of the 'MTV Unplugged' album/DVD. This is the full, unedited version including all bloopers. Some songs were started briefly and then restarted. Many songs were performed in thier entirety more than once, in order to get a better take for the album. A very cool recording.

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