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Venue: Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Date: 09 October 1980
Exact Length: 78 minutes
Quality: EX-
Lineage: Audience recording. Previously unreleased 1st gen source, new source to circulate 2020. Repitched by 'tolvis'

Tour: Unmasked Tour
Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Eric Carr

Set List:

  1. Detroit Rock City
  2. Cold Gin
  3. Strutter
  4. Calling Dr. Love
  5. Firehouse
  6. Talk To Me
  7. Is That You?
  8. 2,000 Man
  9. Ace Frehley Solo
  10. I Was Made For Loving You
  11. New York Groove
  12. Love Gun
  13. Gene Simmons Solo
  14. God Of Thunder
  15. Eric Carr Solo
  16. Rock And Roll All Night
  17. Shout It Out Loud
  18. King Of The Night Time World
  19. Black Diamond

Note: This is newly surfaced new source, in much better quality than the previous version. Notes from the new source are as follows:

For 40 years we've lived with a recording from Stockholm 1980 that's way below par. The tape from Gothenburg is a really good one, but all the versions of the Stockholm tape sound poor and they all get worse near the end of the recording, making King of the night time world very hard to listen too. Then - enter 2020. Sunday night. A link from someone who listens to my Kiss podcast (all in Swedish). He had a Stockholm tape and was I interested in hearing it? I hoped for an upgrade, he himself was at the show and the taper was his classmate. When I listened I couldn't believe my ears. Not only is this 1st gen recording a million times better than the old one, it's a completely different source. After all these years we finally have a Stockholm 1980 worth listening to. To many of you maybe this means nothing. London, Paris and even Gothenburg is still much better. I don't care. To me, this is everything. And to have kind people just taking their time to contact me, send me stuff and allowing me to share it with the world - well, there's just one word for it. Karma. In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. The tape ran too slow so I corrected the pitch. And, as with the first source, Black diamond wasn't taped since the tape only ran for 90 minutes. Even there though, this recording comes through since it has a part of Paul's intro-thingy at least. What a great sunday.

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Poster from Stockholm, Sweden 09 October 1980 show

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