More Information on this show:

Venue: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA
Date: 10 March 1984
Exact Length: 91 minutes
Quality: VG+
Lineage: Audience recording. Tape Trade (Low Gen) Maxell High Bias ---> AVS Audio Editor (added Low Boost and Amplification)-> .WAV -> AVS Audio Editor (Wave Splitter)-> WAV ---> SoThink Converter---> FLAC

Tour: Lick It Up Tour
Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Vinnie Vincent, Eric Carr

Set List:

  1. Creatures Of The Night
  2. Detroit Rock City
  3. Cold Gin
  4. Fits Like A Glove
  5. Firehouse
  6. Paul Stanley Solo
  7. Gimme More
  8. Vinnie Vincent Solo
  9. War Machine
  10. Gene Simmons Solo
  11. I Love It Loud
  12. I Still Love You
  13. Eric Carr Solo
  14. Young And Wasted
  15. Love Gun
  16. All Hells Breaking Loose
  17. Black Diamond
  18. Lick It Up
  19. Rock And Roll All Night

Note: The first night (9th March) is often circulated as being the seocnd night (10th March). But, from what I can make out, this version is *really* the second night (10th) because Paul specifically mentions it being night number two a few times. Do note, the copy I received has a slight gap and then only a small part of 'Rock And Roll All Night' at the end. I've left that in, but it's very possible this was a left-over snippet from another concert on the cassette tape a previous trader used.

Ticket from New York, NY, USA 10 March 1984 show

Poster from New York, NY, USA 10 March 1984 show

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