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Venue: Lakeland Civic Centre, Lakeland, FL, USA
Date: 14 June 1979
Exact Length: 93 minutes
Quality: EX

Tour: Dynasty Tour
Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss

Set List:

  1. King Of The Night Time World
  2. Radioactive
  3. Move On
  4. Christine Sixteen
  5. Firehouse
  6. New York Groove
  7. Calling Dr. Love
  8. Tossing And Turning
  9. Love Gun
  10. 2,000 Man
  11. Ace Frehley Solo
  12. I Was Made For Loving You
  13. Gene Simmons Solo
  14. God Of Thunder
  15. Peter Criss Solo
  16. Shout It Out Loud
  17. Rock And Roll All Night
  18. Beth
  19. Detroit Rock City
  20. Black Diamond

Note: This date was originally scheduled as the opening night of the Dynasty Tour. However, the show was cancelled, and the date was used instead for a full dress rehearsal, which is what this recording reflects. It's very cool to hear the banter and discussion between songs, even as a predictor of what was to come later on the tour (Paul saying: 'Peter - you're half a beat behind us!'). The recording is mostly complete although the end of 'Black Diamond' is missing.
Note that this recording is sometimes passed off by ignorant traders (or traders who are deliberately misleading you) as being from the opening night on 15th June. A simple listen, especially between tracks, easily proves that this is a rehearsal and not a full live show.

Tickets do exist to this show (see below), as tickets did go on sale before the date was cancelled. The tickets were subsequently honoured at the 15th June show.

Ticket from Lakeland, FL, USA 14 June 1979 show
Note - see above. Tickets sold for 14 June show were subsequently honoured at 15th June show, and 14th June was used as a dress rehearsal only.

Poster from Lakeland, FL, USA 14 June 1979 show

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