More Information on this show:

Venue: Ontario Hilton International, Toronto, CANADA (Unplugged show)
Date: 25 July 1995
Exact Length: 79 minutes
Quality: EX

Tour: USA/Canada Convention Tour
Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, Eric SInger

Set List:

  1. Rock Bottom
  2. Plaster Caster
  3. Comin' Home
  4. Goin' Blind
  5. Sure Know Something
  6. Take Me
  7. Do You Love Me?
  8. Sweet Pain
  9. C'mon And Love Me
  10. Hide Your Heart
  11. Burn Bitch Burn
  12. Let Me Know
  13. A World Without Heroes
  14. Nothing To Lose
  15. Calling Dr. Love
  16. God Of Thunder
  17. Christine Sixteen
  18. Got To Choose
  19. Spit
  20. Room Service
  21. Any Way You Want It
  22. 100,000 Years
  23. 2,000 Man
  24. Love Gun
  25. I Want You

Note: This was an unplugged show as part of the Official Convention tour. The performance was very informal, and some of the songs above were attempted but not completed. In addition, there are a number of songs that were attempted for a few seconds only, which are not listed in the above set list.
Also, this recording is not the complete show.

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