More Information:
Lick It Up Studio Sessions

Date: 1983
Exact Length: 120 minutes
Quality: VG+

Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Vinnie Vincent, Eric Carr

Extra information:

This includes demos, rehearsals, instrumentals, rough tracks, drum tracks, scat vocals, etc. It's almost certain these come from a number of different studio sessions at different times, and some may date from earlier than 1983. Some songs are near completion, while others are still being rehearsed and worked out.
It's also cool being able to hear some of the bands talk amongst themselves in the studio.
Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between what is a demo and what is a rehearsal, etc, so my advice is, don't worry about the labels too much, and just enjoy them for what they are!

The highlight for me is the 'Not For The Innocent' demo where both Gene and Paul share lead vocals!


  1. Exciter (Instrumental)
  2. Untitled (Instrumental)
  3. A Million To One (with Chorus Vocals)
  4. Fits Like A Glove
  5. Lick It Up (Demo)
  6. Young And Wasted (Instrumental)
  7. A Million To One
  8. Exciter (Rehearsal)
  9. Jam
  10. Exciter
  11. Jam
  12. A Million To One (Scat Vocals)
  13. Exciter (Guitar Solo)
  14. Exciter (Guitar Solo)
  15. Jam - 'You'
  16. Exciter (Guitar Solo)
  17. A Million To One (Take 6)
  18. A Million To One (Take 8)
  19. A Million To One (Take 9)
  20. A Million To One (Take 10)
  21. A Million To One (Take 11)
  22. A Million To One (Take 12)
  23. A Million To One (Take 13)
  24. A Million To One (Take 14)
  25. A Million To One (Take 15)
  26. A Million To One (Take 17)
  27. A Million To One (Take 19)
  28. Gimme More (Take 1)
  29. Gimme More (Insert 2 Take 2)
  30. Gimme More (Take 9)
  31. Gimme More (Take 10)
  32. Gimme More (Take 13)
  33. Sexy Feel (Take 9)
  34. Sexy Feel (Take 10)
  35. Untitled (Take 10)
  36. Untitled (Take 12)
  37. Untitled (Take 14)
  38. Untitled (Take 15)
  39. Not For The Innocent (Demo)