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Venue: WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, AUSTRALIA
Date: 13 April 2007
Exact Length: 114 minutes
Quality: EX-

Tour: Live To Win
Band Line-up: Paul Stanley, Paul Mirkovich, Brett Garsed, Rafael Moreira, Nate Morton, Sasha Krivstov

Set List:

  1. Live To Win
  2. Hide Your Heart
  3. A Million To One
  4. Got To Choose
  5. Move On
  6. Bulletproof
  7. Tonight You Belong To Me
  8. Lick It Up
  9. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
  10. Magic Touch
  11. I Still Love You
  12. Strutter
  13. Every Time I See You Around
  14. Do You Love Me?
  15. I Want You
  16. Love Gun
  17. Shandi
  18. I Was Made For Loving You
  19. Detroit Rock City
  20. Goodbye

Note: Before 'Magic Touch', they play a small part of 'Hard Times'. The band line-up that toured Australia was slightly different to the US leg of the tour, with Brett Garsed replacing Jim McGorman.

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Poster from Newcastle, Australia 14 April 2007 show

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