More Information:
Wicked Lester Sessions

Date: 1972
Exact Length: 69 minutes
Quality: MT-

Band Line-up: Kiss: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ron Leejack, Brook Ostrander, Tony Zarella, Steve Coronel (2 tracks only)

Extra information:

As most Kiss fans know, Wicked Lester was Paul and Gene's band immediately before Kiss. Many of these song titles have been circulating for years. But what many fans don't know, is there are a couple of different mixes, and a few different versions of many of these songs. It's especially cool to hear a version of 'Too Many Mondays' with Gene on lead vocals, instead of the more widely circulated version with Paul.

'Long Long Road' is often listed as a demo, but it was not actually a demo - it was intended as a full song, along with the others.

Like the Kiss studio demo, which would be recorded the following year, these tracks were also recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, but they were produced by Ron Johnson.

Some sites also include 'Stanley The Parrot' as a Wicked Lester song from these sessions. That is not correct, as 'Stanley The Parrot' originated from Gene's 'Bullfrog Bheer' days.


  1. Simple Type (Take One)
  2. She (Take One)
  3. Too Many Mondays (Take One)
  4. When The Bell Rings (Take One)
  5. Molly (Take One)
  6. Love Her All I Can (Take One)
  7. Sweet Ophelia (Take One)
  8. Keep Me Waiting (Take One)
  9. Whjat Happens In The Darkness
  10. (We Want To) Shout It Out Loud
  11. Love Her All I Can (Take Two)
  12. Simple Type (Take Two)
  13. She (Take Two)
  14. Too Many Mondays (Take Two)
  15. Molly (Take Two)
  16. When The Bell Rings (Take Two)
  17. Keep Me Waiting (Take Two)
  18. Sweet Ophelia (Take Two)
  19. Long, Long Road
  20. Simple Type (Take Three)
  21. Too Many Mondays (Take Three - Gene lead vocals)
  22. Molly (Take Three)