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As a kid, I collected the Kiss Bubblegum cards - and I still do now! Most people are aware of the first two series:

Series One, 1978, with cards numbered 1 - 66.
Series Two, 1978, with cards numbered 67- 132.

What many people aren't aware of, is the first series was re-released only in Australia in 1980. They were still numbered 1 - 66, but the pictures of Peter Criss were replaced with Eric Carr. The picture on the reverse was also changed. This third series is the rarest of the series due to it only being released in Australia.

I do have some duplicate cards from the first two series, so if you're looking for a card to complete your collection,

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Series One

First Series Bubblegum Wrapper

Here are the images of all the cards in the 1st Series.

Each image can be clicked to view a larger version.

Bubblegum Card 1Bubblegum Card 2Bubblegum Card 3Bubblegum Card 4Bubblegum Card 5Bubblegum Card 6
Bubblegum Card 7Bubblegum Card 8Bubblegum Card 9Bubblegum Card 10Bubblegum Card 11
Bubblegum Card 12Bubblegum Card 13Bubblegum Card 14Bubblegum Card 15Bubblegum Card 16Bubblegum Card 17
Bubblegum Card 18Bubblegum Card 19Bubblegum Card 20Bubblegum Card 21Bubblegum Card 22
Bubblegum Card 23Bubblegum Card 24Bubblegum Card 25Bubblegum Card 26Bubblegum Card 27
Bubblegum Card 28Bubblegum Card 29Bubblegum Card 30Bubblegum Card 31Bubblegum Card 32Bubblegum Card 33
Bubblegum Card 34Bubblegum Card 35Bubblegum Card 36Bubblegum Card 37Bubblegum Card 38Bubblegum Card 39
Bubblegum Card 40Bubblegum Card 41Bubblegum Card 42Bubblegum Card 43Bubblegum Card 44Bubblegum Card 45
Bubblegum Card 46Bubblegum Card 47Bubblegum Card 48Bubblegum Card 49Bubblegum Card 50Bubblegum Card 51
Bubblegum Card 52Bubblegum Card 53Bubblegum Card 54Bubblegum Card 55Bubblegum Card 56
Bubblegum Card 57Bubblegum Card 58Bubblegum Card 59Bubblegum Card 60Bubblegum Card 61
Bubblegum Card 62Bubblegum Card 63Bubblegum Card 64Bubblegum Card 65Bubblegum Card 66

Series Two

Second Series Bubblegum Wrapper

Here are images of all the cards in the 2nd Series.

Again, each image can be clicked to view a larger version.

Bubblegum Card 67Bubblegum Card 68Bubblegum Card 69Bubblegum Card 70Bubblegum Card 71
Bubblegum Card 72Bubblegum Card 73Bubblegum Card 74Bubblegum Card 75Bubblegum Card 76Bubblegum Card 77
Bubblegum Card 78Bubblegum Card 79Bubblegum Card 80Bubblegum Card 81Bubblegum Card 82
Bubblegum Card 83Bubblegum Card 84Bubblegum Card 85Bubblegum Card 86Bubblegum Card 87
Bubblegum Card 88Bubblegum Card 89Bubblegum Card 90Bubblegum Card 91Bubblegum Card 92
Bubblegum Card 93Bubblegum Card 94Bubblegum Card 95Bubblegum Card 96Bubblegum Card 97
Bubblegum Card 98Bubblegum Card 99Bubblegum Card 100Bubblegum Card 101Bubblegum Card 102Bubblegum Card 103
Bubblegum Card 104Bubblegum Card 105Bubblegum Card 106Bubblegum Card 107Bubblegum Card 108Bubblegum Card 109
Bubblegum Card 110Bubblegum Card 111Bubblegum Card 112Bubblegum Card 113Bubblegum Card 114Bubblegum Card 115
Bubblegum Card 116Bubblegum Card 117Bubblegum Card 118Bubblegum Card 119Bubblegum Card 120Bubblegum Card 121
Bubblegum Card 122Bubblegum Card 123Bubblegum Card 124Bubblegum Card 125Bubblegum Card 126Bubblegum Card 127
Bubblegum Card 128Bubblegum Card 129Bubblegum Card 130Bubblegum Card 131Bubblegum Card 132

Series Three (Australian Release Series)

Details and scans coming soon!

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